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1985 Yugo GV

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1985 Yugo GV

Yugo (Credit: Credit: Yugo)

Yugo GV in Junction Triangle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yugo GV in San Francisco, California, USA

1987 Yugo GV in Los Angeles, California, USA

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Ad for Yugo in the American market


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Here's Why the Yugo Is One of the Worst Cars Ever Made

1985-1992 Zastava Yugo: America's Second Favorite Communist Car Autopolis

No matter the jokes and complaints little Yugo super-car got over 7,500 orders from United States before it even came there.

Yugo GVX

1990 Yugo Police Car in Croatia

Yugo; Yugo; Yugo

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Clunker: Yugo


1987 Yugo GV brochure

yugo. remember them?

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